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N332 RoadWatch – Issue 4

by Mark Nolan
4 minutes read

The latest edition of N332 RoadWatch is out now with features on driving in snow, checking your lights, vision problems, priority vehicles, electric patrol cars and more.

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We have quite a lot to talk about in this, the latest issue of N332 RoadWatch, not least because of the dramatic seasonal change we call winter.

Snow has already started to fall in parts of Spain, cutting off many villages and towns, albeit only for a short time, it is set to get worse as the winter months move on. We have a little article about snow chains to advise you when you need to use them and why you should carry them.

Okay, for many who live in coastal zones, snow may not pose too much of a problem, but those dark nights certainly will. As the clocks went back recently we were plunged into darkness, and so it is a good time to check out lights and make sure they all work. We should do that on a regular basis of course, but especially now.

Talking of lights, we answer a question posed by a number of our followers and readers, the question about the legality of Daytime Running Lights on motorbikes. Not only do we answer the questions, we also give you the document issued by the authorities which explains to law enforcement officers the reasons, just in case you need it.

We also look again at some other constant questions we are asked, such as transferring a vehicle following a death, the eITV certificate which replaced the paper version, and licence points and how to lose them.

We also have a feature on eyesight, one of the hidden dangers on the roads, as deterioration is often slow and gradual, vision problems are not always noticed.

The Guardia Civil have some new equipment again. For routine patrols they now have some electric vehicles, and in the traffic department the trusty PDA is being replaced by tablet computers. We look at both of those in this issue.

We have also launched our newest section on the website, N332 Services, where we have sought out a number of trusted companies who will provide goods and services to you, not only with a substantial discount, but also with the assurance that we vouch for quality of their service.

One of those service providers in me, I am Mark Nolan by the way, and aside from my voluntary work on the N332 Road Safety Project, I am also a publicist who creates websites and other marketing materials for companies and individuals. I will tell you more about my services in another edition, because this time we are showcasing an alarm provider, Securitas Direct, who offer one of the most comprehensive systems, covering the whole of Spain, that can monitor your home or business whether you are in the country or if you have gone back to your homeland for the winter.

Finally, I must also mention that one of our supporters, IBEX Insurance, are celebrating a birthday. Their Quesada office are having a party this week. I hope to get along myself, and would really look forward to meeting with you there.

Until next time, stay safe.

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