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Officer Injured Stopping Car Theft

by Mark Nolan
2 minutes read

An officer from Elche´s local police has been injured whilst trying to stop a thief who was apparently in the process of stealing a car in the Los Palmerales area.

Police said in a statement that the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon when officers were alerted to the presence of an individual who was apparently trying to steal a car parked on Calle Olmo.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers identified the person and proceeded to stop him while entering a red Seat Leon car. One of the policemen stood by the car to try to stop him and prevent his escape, but ignoring the indications, the suspect ran over the officer, knocking him off his motorbike.

The individual attempted to flee and, when his career was his escape was blocked by other police units of the Territorial Support Group, he stopped and “initiated a dangerous reversing manoeuvre”.

In doing so, he collided with a parked car and other police patrols that had closed in on him and drove over the officer who was still lay on the ground injured.

Several officers ran to the vehicle and overpowered the driver, arresting him. The man, who was not a resident of Elche, is known to have “numerous criminal records”.

The car he was driving was stolen and had false number plates belonging to a different car. In addition, there was a mobile phone that was known to be stolen and other objects, apparently also as a result of theft, such as a television, foreign currency, watches, jewellery, four radio cassettes, car keys and remote controls.

The officer suffered serious bruises and cuts, although luckily no fracture occurred, and after being treated at IMED hospital in Torrellano, was discharged, although he will remain off work for a while.

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