Guardia Civil traffic police in Spain will soon receive more equipment to help in their enforcement of the law, after two separate contracts were published in the state bulletin for acquisitions.

20150614 - Traffic Police to get Mobile Vehicle Inspection Units

The first contract is valued at 363,000 euro and is for the supply of three mobile units which will be used to check for irregularities in both the vehicles and ITV certificates during routine checks.

The mobile inspection units will be able to detect faults in such elements as brakes, tyres, suspension and other vehicle components, with enforced immobilisation an option in the event of faults being detected.

The three mobile units will be given to the Guardia Civil and will carry two mechanics in each.

It is estimated that 20% of all vehicles on the roads have irregularities with their ITV certificates and inspections and these units will support other technology such as automatic number plate recognition which checks the database for ITV expiration and alerts the central computer of its findings, so that sanctions can be issued.

In addition, the DGT has purchased an additional 18 radar cameras, at a cost of 900,000 euro, which will be used for monitoring the road network for speeding vehicles.

All of this is in addition to the recent purchase of camouflaged cars with new radar equipment installed, and the continual focus on reducing the problem of speeding on the roads.

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