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The Five Biggest Problems on Roundabouts in Spain

by Mark Nolan
2 minutes read

Roundabouts were first introduced in Spain in 1976, which might be enough time for everyone to get used to them, but as, in some cases, the rules are different in Spain to other countries, it is important to keep in mind that we often get a mixture of international drivers as well as locals, and many don’t know the rules, resulting in problems for everyone.

These are the five most common problems which cause incidents on roundabouts.

Exiting from the inside lane. This is one of the most common incorrect manoeuvres and also one of the most dangerous. It is also the most frequent cause of prangs on roundabouts. The rule is quite clear, you should always exit a roundabout from the right-hand lane (unless signs say otherwise).

Entering the roundabout without respecting the priority. Many drivers enter roundabouts without checking for other vehicles on the roundabout to which they must give way. Traffic already on the roundabout has priority. In many cases, a side collision is caused against the vehicle that has priority and can even cause collisions.

Misuse of indicators. Most drivers misuse indicators at a roundabout. You should always indicate before changing lanes on a roundabout, and you must always indicate your intention to leave the roundabout at the next exit. Yet, more than half of drivers do not use indicators to signal that they intend to leave the roundabout.

Cutting across lanes. Roundabouts are generally round, but whatever the shape, they will be clearly marked, and you should drive around the roundabout and not cut across lanes, a frequent occurrence that happens often at a higher speed than appropriate, and causes problems and collisions frequently. Stay in your lane, unless overtaking, in which case follow the correct procedure.

Excessive speed. Related to the previous case. Excessive speed is one of the circumstances that causes the most serious incidents, especially when it is linked to not respecting priority, both inside the roundabout and when leaving it. Not only with the rest of the vehicles but also with pedestrians who are crossing correctly.

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