Torrevieja is continuing its plans to become a more eco-friendly town, thanks partly due to a green mayor at the helm, this time with the announcement of the acquisition of a fleet of electric vehicles.

The Los Verdes Mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, explained this week how the town council has signed an agreement to renew the municipal fleet with the acquisition of 23 electric-powered vehicles, in what is, according to the mayor, a clear commitment to sustainable and efficient mobility.

Dolón explained that in the specifications for the replacement of the municipal fleet, it was stated that replacements would be diesel powered. With the increase in tax on diesel, mostly driven by a drive to convert the country to less polluting models, it was the mayor himself who set about modifying the tender contracts to ensure that the replacement vehicles were all driven by electric motors. This modification wasn´t cheap in the initial investment stage, with the budget having to be increased by a staggering 30% to an estimated 436 thousand euro, more than the 329 thousand already planned for, but the long-term savings would see a reduction in fuel and, perhaps more importantly, less of a burden on the planet.


In order to compensate the price increase to the public purse, the mayor himself has taken the first cut, shaving 10 thousand of the budget for the mayoral car, from just under 30 thousand to just under 20 for an electric model, primarily as the mayor sees this vehicle as a toold for mobility, rather than being “something ostentatious”.

Aside from the mayor´s car, on the shopping list is two cars and a utility vehicle, a tow truck, electric bikes and a variety of vans for different functions as required by sections such as beaches, sports, social security and tourism.

Dolón explained that Torrevieja must continue to ensure the “commitment we have to move towards sustainable mobility that is respectful of the environment and helps reduce the impact caused by vehicles in terms of pollution”.

The mayor went on to explain that studies are now being carried out to find suitable locations where charging points can be installed throughout the municipality, as these vehicles will still require a fuel of some kind, even if it is only the seemingly simple task of plugging them in for a short time.

Torrevieja will continue with the eco-drive with, over time, the public transport fleet being replaced by hybrid vehicles, although at the moment that would see the cost of each vehicle rocket by 70 to 80 percent.

Waste disposal trucks will be converted to electric vehicles once they become available on the market, and the contract for the local police already includes replacements for some of their vehicles to electric driven motors.

Dolón concluded that, “we cannot look the other way on this issue, the great European capitals are already promoting this type of mobility, and we believe that we also have to bet on it. It is important to encourage and we believe that the City must set an example in this regard.”

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