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There are not many things allowed in the windscreen, but some are compulsory, so the question does sometimes come up as to where to stick them.

You are not permitted to stick anything unauthorised in the windscreen, so things like For Sale signs are forbidden. Here is a list of things which are permitted. When we talk about the location of them, we are imagining ourselves sat in the vehicle, looking out.

ITV Sticker (if required)

To be placed in the upper right corner of the windscreen. Also, just one, the current sticker ONLY.

ECO Sticker

To be placed in the bottom right corner.

Shared Vehicle Sticker

Used in some highly congested areas and allows vehicles, under certain conditions, to use special lanes for vehicles of high occupancy, VAO.

Both the ECO and Shared Vehicle stickers have been incorporated into the latest changes to traffic law, of 2018.

On the image, you can see on this vehicle (kindly loaned to us by Casas Espania) the location of the stickers, although in this case we are on the outside looking in.

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