Andorra, Huesca, Soria and Cuenca have already received the largest collection of touring classic cars in Europe, and now they have arrived in Alicante, before heading off with another four stages ahead, Almería, Cazorla, Ciudad Real and Madrid.

More than one hundred teams have already completed half of the test, overcoming steep slopes, mud, puddles and many kilometres of road, with dreamlike landscapes crossing natural parks.

Today was the fourth stage of the V Spain Classic Raid, in which more than one hundred participating teams have arrived in Alicante covering half of the event.

After leaving Andorra, the cars already accumulate more than 1,300 kilometres, the vast majority on dirt roads. The Andorra-Huesca stage was the hardest, with steep slopes and a lot of stones where the suspensions and damping of the veteran vehicles participating in the tour were put to the test. The recent rains have caused many roads along which the tour passed to accumulate mud and puddles, which has added a point of difficulty to this first part, more adventure and also more fun.

In addition, the participants have enjoyed unforgettable landscapes, crossing natural parks, such as the Bardenas Reales, and beautiful autumn prints.

The cars have to be at least 25 years old and demonstrate, once again, an impressive resistance, although breakdowns are present in all stages. Rims, tyres, shock absorbers, transmissions and cooling systems are usually the most common problems that the participants must face and repair as far as possible to be able to continue on the test and start the next day.
The classification is led by the Volkswagen Baja Buggy of Juan Donatiu and Kim Vilatarsana, followed by two teams formed by father and son, the one of Ramón Franquesa junior and senior with a Seat Marbella and the one of Iván and Íker Solera with a Renault Four.

Ahead there are still four trials, with a goal in Almeria, Cazorla, Ciudad Real and Madrid, in which the adventure is assured.

The sponsorship and collaboration of Bosch, Jeep and Fiat make it possible for the Spain Classic Raid to reach its fifth edition with total registration success and has become the classic benchmark in the national scenario.

Covid testing in Torrevieja

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