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ITV Questions Answered

by Mark Nolan
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Two of the most common questions about the ITV test are when it´s needed and where it can be carried out, in particular as there is a belief, for example, that vehicles which reside in the Alicante province can´t have their inspection carried out in Murcia.

Today we answer those doubts, and others, but this is not just us saying it, this is the official information provided by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of the Spanish Government, any they should know best. You can find this information on the FAQ page of their website for confirmation, industria.gob.es.


Which vehicles are required to undergo periodic technical inspections?

According to article 4.1 of Royal Decree 920/2017, of October 23, which regulates the technical inspection of vehicles: “vehicles registered or that are going to be registered in Spain, which will be able to circulate on public roads, must submit to a technical inspection in an ITV station in the cases and with the periodicity, requirements and exceptions established in this royal decree”.



What frequency of periodic inspection corresponds to my vehicle?

The frequency of periodic technical inspection is established, in general, depending on the type of vehicle homologation, in accordance with article 6 of Royal Decree 920/2017, of October 23, which regulates the technical inspection of vehicles. Variations are established for certain vehicles such as ambulances, taxis, private hire vehicles, school transport vehicles, hire cars, and certain historical vehicles.


Where do I have to take my vehicle for the periodic technical inspection?

According to article 17 of Royal Decree 920/2017, of October 23, which regulates the technical inspection of vehicles, there is freedom to choose the ITV station in the national territory wherever you desire to have the technical inspection of vehicles performed whatever the type of inspection. So you see, this is the most common question, the law clearly states that the inspection can be carried out anywhere in the country, and so if you live in the Alicante province, you are free to travel the short distance to Murcia for your test, for example.

It´s the law that states this, and for your convenience, to confirm and dismiss any doubts you have, here is the actual paragraph, so you can either practice your Spanish or quote it to any doubters you come across.

Artículo 17. Elección de estación ITV para la inspección técnica de vehículos.

Todo usuario de un vehículo matriculado en España o que vaya ser matriculado en España elegirá libremente la estación ITV del territorio nacional donde desee realizar la inspección técnica de vehículos, cualquiera que sea el tipo de inspección.



My vehicle has deficiencies detected in the periodic technical inspection, once corrected do I have to return to the same ITV station where the original inspection took place?

As is the case of the initial inspection, the tests which the vehicle must undergo to verify the rectification of the deficiencies found can be made at any ITV station in the national territory, as established in article 11 of Royal Decree 920 / 2017, of October 23, by which the technical inspection of vehicles is regulated.



Do I have to wait for the exact expiry date before I submit my vehicle to a new inspection?

No, vehicles subject to inspection up to 30 days before the date on which the deadline for re-inspection is met keep the original date and have an extension added to the new term.


What are the general periods for the periodic inspection of private cars?

  • The first inspection – 4 years after registration.
  • Up to 10 years old – every 2 years.
  • Over 10 years old – every year.


Even if the vehicle has not turned 4 years old, if it has undergone a modification or replacement of elements before or after registration, that varies the characteristics that appear on the ITV card or the defined safety conditions, an inspection of these reforms must be carried out, as well as if a vehicle has suffered noticeable damage in an accident.

You can find out the period of inspection for other vehicles on the website, itvsanjavier.com, where you can also book your appointment for your inspection.

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