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Portable Drug Testing Kits

by Mark Nolan
1 minutes read

One of the latest additions to the Guardia Civil´s road safety toolkit has been the portable drug testing kits.

Like the latest breathalysers and speed cameras, the kits are small enough to be carried in the panniers of motorbikes, as well as in the other vehicles operated by the corps.

Upon suspicion of a driver having consumed drugs, a saliva test is taken, which is then put into a secure part of the portable machine for analysis.

Within minutes, the results are presented to the officers which will either determine the all clear, or if any kind of drug has been consumed, and to what level.

A second sample of saliva is also taken and sealed into a specific unit which can then be used for evidence.

The whole process from start to finish takes just minutes, allowing innocent motorists to be on their way with little inconvenience, and for those who have consumed drugs to be dealt with immediately, thus instantly reducing the risk to other road users.

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