On Saturday, we concluded our talks and presentations about Spanish Traffic Law in English for this year, after members of N332 have been visiting various associations, groups, and town halls to talk, primarily, about changes to Traffic Law in Spain.

If you came along, we thank you, and hope you found the talks useful. We will be resuming our schedule next year, and have just opened our calendar, so we will let you know where we will be for public talks in the New Year.

In the meantime, if you want more information on some of the topics we spoke about, here is a list of the key subjects we discussed:

Overview of changes to traffic laws in spain in 2022.

The environmental eco sticker for vehicles and Low Emmission Zones.

How environmental restrictions will get stricter.

New road traffic signs expected in 2023.

Documents you must carry in your vehicle.

Mandatory equipment you must carry in your car.

Warning triangles being replaced in Spain.

Changes for company vehicle owners from November.

Registering a foreign vehicle and converting it to Spanish number plates.

The Mi DGT mobile app.

What is a VMP (electric scooter).

Electric scooters to require mandatory insurance.

Insurance provider for electric scooters (or mobility scooters / bicycles etc).


We spoke about more than this list of course, these are the main points, but you can use the search bar on the menu at the top if you want to find more articles.

In addition, here is a list of some of the other websites we mentioned:

The DGT, Spain’s traffic department.

The Electronic Office where company vehicle drivers, and private individuals, can register.

Live map of the road situation in Spain.

Spanish Traffic Law, the English translation.


Finally, despite the fact it was not our intention, as we were updating Spanish Traffic Laws, we spoke about roundabouts, as it is without doubt the most popular topic. So, here are a couple of articles for you to read about negotiating roundabouts in Spain:

Exiting Roundabouts.


We look forward to seeing you next time.






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