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Electric Scooters Will Require Mandatory Insurance

by Mark Nolan
2 minutes read

The head of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), Pere Navarro, has once again confirmed that electric scooters will have to have mandatory insurance, although is not yet able to give a date when this will be enforced.

Navarro explained that the DGT is currently finalising the details of this requirement, with a working group studying whether the insurance should be associated with the personal mobility vehicle or its driver. In the first case, which would be a similar situation to other vehicles, it would be necessary to create a registry at the municipal level for the control of this means of transport, which could entail registration. The other option is for the user to take out civil liability insurance for the amount determined.

The head of the DGT has recognised that scooters are a reality in the mobility of cities that must be managed while stressing that they are strictly prohibited from circulating on pavements and pedestrian areas. Thus, he has appealed to “social pressure” to help veto this type of uncivil conduct. Navarro also considers that these vehicles are more dangerous than bicycles because they have smaller wheels and the driver rides standing up, which reduces driving stability.

In Valladolid alone, where Navarro was speaking, there has already been 129 scooter incidents registered this year so far, resulting in 70 injuries.

At the moment, until it becomes mandatory, insurance is a recommendation for users of these personal mobility vehicles, the most common of which is the electric scooter. There are already numerous cases of collisions and incidents resulting in court cases due to the lack of insurance, and if the scooter user is considered the liable party, all damages and costs must be paid for out of their own pocket, whereas with insurance, it is a much simpler and cheaper option.

Ibex Insurance have become experts in advising on the best course of action for insuring these vehicles, so if you have one and are looking to insure it, you can give their Quesada office a call (irrespective of where you are based), where they have extensive knowledge relating to these vehicles.

We are talking about personal mobility vehicles such as electric scooters, not those used by people with reduced mobility. There are no plans to force mobility scooter users to have insurance, although, again, it is advisable, and Ibex Insurance can also offer options for this, should you consider it.

You can speak to Ibex Insurance, in English, at their Quesada office, on 966 719 951 or 689 157 075, email them at quesada@ibexinsure.com, or find out more on their website, https://www.ibexinsure.com/office/quesada-16

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