They are the hardest working element of most vehicles, and yet, the part which we so frequently neglect, until they are in their worst possible condition. We are talking about tyres.

Proper tyre pressure is of vital importance for the safety of a vehicle, as well as to increase its efficiency and save on fuel (and, therefore, reduce its CO2 emissions).

Keeping a close eye on tyre pressure brings lost of benefits, such as a decrease in the possibility of a blowout, greater precision in the direction of movement and a quicker correction against any unforeseen situations, better cross-sectional grip when taking a curve, and reducing fuel consumption and engine effort.

It is recommended that tyres are checked at least on a monthly basis. More often is better, but monthly is better than not at all, and it’s easy to remember if you make a note, for example, that on the first or last day of the month you will check your tyres.

We have detailed ways of checking tyres many times before, just search “tyres” in the search box at the top of the website, but this time we want to detail tyre pressure.

First of all, keep in mind that the proper pressure will depend on the type of vehicle. The manufacturer has the obligation to indicate this, depending on the tyre and the transported load. All modern vehicles have a sticker or plate on the driver’s door frame that indicates this. For older vehicles you may have to consult the owner’s manual.

Tyre checks should always be carried out “cold”, in other words, before the vehicle has moves anywhere on the day, or if it has been standing for a while on the day, because as the temperature increases when the tyre is being used, when the wheel is moving, it can give a false indication of pressure.

Most garages have tyre top up machines, sometimes for a small fee, which also have pressure gauges built in. These gauges are calibrated frequently and offer the most precise reading, compared to say a pocket, household reader that you can purchase on the internet. Workshops will also be able to check your tyre pressure for you.

As always, we recommend Autos Direct Bosch Service Centre in San Miguel if you want professionals to check your tyres for you, but in the meantime, you can maintain the check yourself, and remember to add that regular date to your calendar, checking every month, to make sure your tyres offers the best results in both performance and, more importantly, safety.

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