Here is a simple guide to what happens at an alcohol or drugs check in Spain, although it could vary.

To do the breathalyser test, the officer hands a breathalyser to the driver. This device detects the concentration of alcohol in expired air. To reduce the margin of error, two types are used: one more sensitive and the other more specific.

The driver breathes in and out the air in the breathalyser. If the rate is negative (0-0.25 mg/l), the officer will allow the driver to continue driving. If it is positive (+0.25 mg/l), the driver can ask for a blood confirmation and the vehicle will be immobilised. Depending on the rate, it will carry a fine and loss of points, and in the most severe cases, can lead to prison.

To perform the drugs test, the driver gives a saliva sample, which is collected in a special capsule. A device analyses it and, if the result is positive, a second sample is taken and sent to a laboratory for analysis. The positive laboratory test will serve to establish the sanction and identifies five types of substances: amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamines, cannabis, and opiates.

Driving with an alcohol level of between 0.25 mg/l and 0.50 mg/l or with a rate of between 0.15 and 0.30 mg/l is also punished with the loss of four points and a fine of 500 euro. in the case of professional drivers and drivers with a licence for less than two years, infractions that can also constitute a criminal offence.

Driving with a level of alcohol greater than 0.50 mg/l in exhaled air, driving with the presence of drugs in the body, refusing to take alcohol and drug tests or driving with a level greater than 0.30 mg/l in expired air if you are a professional driver or your licence is not more than 2 years old are behaviours punished with six points lost from the licence and a fine of 1,000 euro. In addition, these violations can be considered a criminal offence and can result in prison.

For under 18’s, the level is zero, but not consuming any alcohol or drugs should be the norm for all drivers.

Half of the drivers killed in traffic incidents test positive.

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