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Hopefully, if you have a mobile phone, you will have already at least heard of the ALERTCOPS app, an official application launched by the Spanish government, even better you will have downloaded it and registered already. If not, then it´s about time you did, but if you have, it is due an update.

With this updated version, one of the developments allows you to share your location information with your own private list of recipients, not only the emergency services. As before, you can also send pictures and videos with the report, but this time to your private list if you choose.

Another improvement is the option to receive security alerts based on your own location, which can be updated on a frequency of your choosing, and you can have a chat conversation with the operators in your own language.

However, if you are already a registered user of the app, whether you have had to use it before or not, you will need to uninstall your current version before installing the update.

The app can be downloaded for both Apple and Android phones and, once registered with your personal details such as your NIE, then left on your mobile, hopefully never having to be used.

Since its launch, the app has been praised for helping to locate numerous vulnerable and missing people, and allowing reports of both domestic violence and bullying to be made in confidence.

If you are a victim or witness of a crime, the app puts you in touch with the emergency services immediately, where you can chat to the operators, send photos and videos and you will get an immediate response.

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