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With a 5 million euro price tag, the Guardia Civil has taken delivery of 300 new motorbikes which will carry more equipment in the battle for safer roads than ever before.

These new motorcycles will be equipped with both the portable speed detecting equipment we have already featured, and the new portable alcohol and drug testing kits.

This new equipment will allow officers to set up checkpoints at a moment’s notice and in more locations than ever before, particularly useful in combating reports of their location through social media, which can also be monitored and those responsible dealt with.

The new motorbikes also have another new feature, in that they will be more visible than ever before, thanks to the new high visibility colour scheme the motorbikes will adopt. It’s not only the bikes that will be more visible however, the officers themselves will be too, with new high visibility helmets replacing the standard white models.

The extra highly visible markings not only serve as additional protectors for the officers, but also increases their visibility on the roads which is hoped will be a deterrent to drivers who may consider breaking the law, especially those which revolve around the highest contributing factors to fatal and serious incidents.

The colour scheme has been developed through a series of trials and will also be accompanied by a similar scheme on other traffic vehicles in the future. It will take some time for the entire fleet to be replaced but these new vehicles will start to take to the streets almost immediately, whist the portable kits can also be carried on many of the bikes already in service and will be operational soon too. During 2018 all motorbike patrols will be carrying the portable equipment.

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