In the most recent campaign that focussed on safety conditions of vehicles on the roads of Spain, a total of 237,565 vehicles were checked by the Guardia Civil.

Of these, 10,894 drivers were sanctioned for different reasons, among which not having the ITV in force stands out. 56% of the complaints filed (6,137 complaints out of a total of 10,962) were for this infraction.

If we take into account the complaints filed for this reason depending on the type of vehicle, this percentage rises to a worrying 65% in the case of vans and up to 61% in passenger cars. On the contrary, only 8.5% of the buses and 28% of the trucks controlled did not have the ITV in force.

Among the most committed infractions, the second position is occupied by complaints due to the poor condition of the tyres, with 793, followed by those filed for not having the documentation, either of the vehicle or the driver, or by other infractions related to number plates or lighting.

In the case of vans and trucks, the agents also controlled infractions related to cargo conditioning (62 vans and 113 trucks sanctioned) or excess weight (33 vans and 110 trucks sanctioned), and tachograph manipulation was controlled in both trucks and buses, something for which 18 trucks but no buses were sanctioned.

In addition, a total of 92 vehicles were immobilised for various reasons because the conditions of the vehicles which were considered as not meeting the minimum guarantees for safety.

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