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There are two common questions that always arise in the summer months. The first is about flip-flops, and whether it is illegal to drive in them. To which the answer, which we have covered before, is that there is no specific law which deals with such items of footwear, it is advisable not to drive in them, as they can easily slip and become wedged in the pedals. It is also possible that you will get fined for wearing flip-flops if you are unable to prove you are in full control of your vehicle, so inappropriate footwear can contribute to a sanction.

However, the second question, which we are going to deal with today, is whether you can be fined for driving shirtless.

Once again, the law does not strictly prohibit this practice, but as the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) explains, it is a very dangerous act and can be dangerous when driving, and therefore, can result in a fine.

The código de circulación, the laws relating to driving, explains in articles 3.1, 17.1 and 18.1 that any action that prevents safe driving for both the driver and the other occupants of the vehicle must be sanctioned. That is why both practices of inappropriate footwear and not wearing a shirt can result in a fine.

According to the DGT, driving without a shirt is dangerous, since it could cause injuries if the seat belt is activated, and can even result in sunburn. In addition to making driving difficult, it can be a major mishap for the driver in the event of a breakdown or accident.

This is also reported by the Guardia Civil on their Twitter account, where they point out, “Driving with flip-flops or without a shirt can condition your freedom of movement and affect safety….and do you know that it is punishable?”

The sanction can vary depending on the interpretation of the agent. If your actions are considered minor, and not very dangerous, you could face a fine of 80 euro, but if the officer considers that the risk being assumed is greater, you can face a fine of up to 200 euro and the withdrawal of three points on the driving licence.

In the same way that driving without a shirt can carry a penalty, doing it with flip-flops can have the same result.

Remember also that you must maintain the correct posture when driving, or when travelling as a passenger, which is why, although it may be tempting, putting your elbow out of the window, or if a vehicle occupant puts their feet up on the dashboard, which is an extremely stupid thing to do as the injuries in the event of a collision would be catastrophic, can also result in a fine.


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