Once again, it is found that the manual use of the mobile phone while driving is still the most committed offence within the actions that involve driving distraction. This is what the results of the latest surveillance and awareness campaign on the danger posed by distractions at the wheel show, which the General Directorate of Traffic has carried out recently and which has been joined by numerous municipalities that through their local police, have established roadblocks in their municipalities.

Specifically, the agents of the Guardia Civil Traffic Group have controlled a total of 304,126 vehicles that circulated on conventional roads and have carried out 8,295 controls in which they have denounced 6,708 drivers for carrying out actions that cause a distraction while driving.

Of the 6,840 complaints filed, almost 43% (2,930) were for manually using the mobile phone while driving. It is important to remember that no one should use the phone while at the wheel, as it is known to be dangerous, even equating it with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Modification of the Traffic Law

This month, the Interior Commission approved the Law that modifies the revised text of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of motor vehicles and Road Safety in terms of permit points and in which the loss of points is increased from 3 to 6 for driving while holding mobile phone devices.

In addition, 327 drivers were penalised for the use of helmets or headphones connected to sound reproducing devices, other than mobile phones, a conduct that is prohibited because it is also a distraction while driving.

Other actions most sanctioned involving a distraction in driving are reading (145), searching for objects (108), driving while eating (56), the use or manipulation of browsers, internet access screens, video players or DVD (51) or being distracted by other occupants of the vehicle (47).

In addition to all these specific actions, the agents made 928 complaints for other violations that caused distractions while driving.

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