DVLA Personalised Registrations has high hopes of success when its second live three-day auction of 2015 gets underway at the Casa Hotel in Chesterfield on Tuesday.


The Agency aims to emulate, or possibly surpass, the magnificent £3.4 million it raised during its first visit to the Derbyshire hotel just over a year ago. And the signs are looking exceptionally good.

As ever, DVLA Personalised Registrations has conjured up an eclectic mix of registrations to suit all tastes and budgets among the 1,600 which will go under the hammer this week. While a huge amount of interest is expected for the registrations KR15 HNA and KR15 HAN, each with reserves of £700 which will feature during the event’s second day on Wednesday, eyes will undoubtedly be focused on TR15 TAN – a registration as close to the first name Tristan as you’re likely to see – which will also be auctioned with a £700 reserve during the third and final afternoon on Thursday.

In addition, residents of the Greater London Borough of Barnet could well be interested in BA12 NET while artists or gallery owners could be enticed to bid on ART 805S, registrations which have been tagged with £700 and £250 reserves respectively.

Matthew Dainton, of DVLA Personalised Registrations, said: “As ever, we can’t predict just how our three-day auctions will go but we are extremely confident that, once again, the Casa Hotel will be another success for the Agency, especially with the amount of interest already shown and the number of registered bidders who have signed up for the event.”

DVLA Personalised Registrations’ forthcoming auction will consist of a total of 1,600 registrations, all chosen to offer a selection to suit all tastes, styles and budgets including: 2222 A (reserve – £2,500), AB11 DUL(£400), AN57 EYS (£700), 25 ARJ (£1,200) BA11 ACK (£700),BE12 THA (£700), BLA 12R (£300), BUN 130Y (£250), 1111 C (£2,500),CAL 80Y (£300), CAZ 175 (£300), CH11 NGS (£700), CL14 RKS (£700),C010 GNE (£700), CR15 TAL (£700), 20 DAD (£1,200), DAZ 247 (£300), DO13 SON (£700), 250 E (£2,500),EGO 70Y (£300), EVO 11T (£300), FA12 AHS (£700) FMO 110Y (£250), FRY 80Y (£300), F457 FER (£250)1111 GB (£2,000), GEZ 95 (£350) GR15 HAM (£700), HO12 ACE (£700), H15  LUV (£250), ICZ 70 (£350),IRZ 1 (£2,000), JAG 805S (£250), JAS 11S (£300), JET 805S (£200), 888 JOY (£1,200), JU57 ENS (£700),KA55 EYS (£700), KAZ 456 (£300), KEN 70W (£300), KYM 80Y (£300), 911 LAD (£1,200),LE15 URE (£700), 11 LYO (£300), MA11 ARD (£700), ME12 VYN (£700), MUS 550N (£250), 123 N (£2,500), NA15 EEM (£700), NAF 70Y (£300), NAT 710N (£250) NEO 2 (£1,200), 1 NUM (£2,400), 888 O (£2,500), OLD 11T(£300), 1 OOV (£2,400), OSB 802N (£250), 444 P (£2,500), 18 PET (£1,200),918 PS (£2,200),RAJ 9S (£350),REL 44Y (£300), RIB 42 (£350), RO11 ERS (£700), 7 ROW (£1,200), 458 S (£2,500), SAJ 80Y (£300), SH14 RPE (£700), SM11 ART (£400), SNO 88Y (£300), TAJ 80Y (£300), TAL 180T (£250), TS51 NGH (£400), UFC 130Y (£250), USH 4 (£1,200), 2222 V (£2,500), VEJ 8Y (£350), 666 W (£2,500), WBA 80Y (£300), WEE 80B(£300), 2015 X (£2,500), XJS 7 (£400), XKR 1R (£500), 140 Y (£2,500), YOU 58F (£300), Y35 GAV (£250).

Although N332 ES is not available, as far as we know, you can view millions of other personalised registrations at DVLA Personalised Registrations’ official website, dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk.

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