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With the aim of reducing road traffic incidents, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) continues to tighten restrictions. By the year 2026, the DGT wants to have total control of all the vehicles that circulate on Spanish roads.

To do this, it will create a platform that will record the data of all vehicles. Cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles will have to connect to the platform, which will record data such as the position they are in or the speed at which they are traveling. The DGT explains that this measure will be established not to control people, but vehicles.

In addition to position and speed, the new system will also be able to access more information about the vehicles: the number of people inside, if any of the passengers is smoking … One of the new regulations that the DGT wants to apply in a near future is the prohibition of smoking inside the car if children or pregnant women travel.

The system will allow access to the location of the vehicle in real time. In this way, in the event of an incident, the emergency services will be able to act more quickly. In addition, by recording the speed and other data of the vehicles, it will help to clarify the causes of the incident.

Although everything seems to be advantages, the new total control that the DGT wants to have over vehicles from the year 2026 is of particular concern to drivers with regard to their privacy. But the body is willing to move forward, and from this 2022 it will begin to perfect the platform so that it is ready in 2026.

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