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The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has drawn up a new manual which it hopes will improve the safety of elderly road users, since people over 64 years of age represent 19.6 percent of the Spanish population, 16.5 percent of drivers and 26 percent of those killed in road accidents in Spain.

Under the name of “Itinerarios” it is a Spanish-language manual of activities, which is already available on the DGT website, which has been developed with the Association of Adult Education Entities.

It has contributions from educators, geriatricians, sociocultural animators, clinic assistants, doctors, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, drivers, and local police officers, among other professionals from different fields.

The selected contents are related to the main road role of the elderly, that of being a pedestrian, and the risks related to it, reports the DGT.

The manual focuses on how to walk down the street, avoid obstacles, stop to rest, talk safely on the mobile, share the road with traditional vehicles and especially with bikes and scooters.

It also addresses how to walk on interurban roads, go up and down curbs, steps, crossings regulated by road markings, traffic lights or traffic officers and unregulated crossings, including crossroads, find your way around, identify streets and routes and recognise signals.

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