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Elche local police have been carrying out increased surveillance around Alicante-Elche airport, with considerable success, given the number of infractions detected in the most recent campaign.

Last week, 93 drivers were reported for speeding, one vehicle was identified as being a “pirate taxi”, one driver was fined for driving under the influence of drugs, three had expired ITV´s, three more were driving on foreign licences which are no longer valid in Spain, and a fugitive on the run from the UK was arrested.

The “pirate taxi” is defined as a vehicle carrying passengers in exchange for money or goods, although lacking the mandatory authorisation, licence and insurance to operate as a public service vehicle.

The driver found to be under the influence of drugs received a fine and lost six points. Those with expired licences are still ignoring the advice of the DGT to exchange their foreign licence for a Spanish equivalent, despite warnings of their lack of validity.

During the single operation, four vehicles were seized by the police in order to prevent them continuing.

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