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The Cartagena Social Centre Receives a Talk from N332

by Mark Nolan
2 minutes read

Last week, Francisco Morales, a serving Guardia Civil traffic officer based in Torrevieja and the head of the N332 Facebook team, visited the Social Centre in Cartagena to give a talk on road safety to a group of young people.

The talk covered various aspects of using the road safely, including as a pedestrian, cyclist and a driver, as well as being given some background information on the Guardia Civil and their operations.

The talk was made possible through the use of equipment donated through the N332 Road Safety Project. In December, Al Andalus Car Hire and N332 joined together to provide the centre with a projector and screen along with a tripod for holding the projector, so that the children who study in the centre will have the opportunity of seeing presentations made by their teachers without the need to ask to borrow a projector from the Town Hall.

It is hoped that through such collaborations as this with the supporters of the project that the message of “Working together for safer roads” becomes embedded in people from an early age, and shows road safety, traffic policing and the Guardia Civil in a more positive light, setting them up for a brighter and safer future.

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