Home News Traffic Police Taking to Pedal Power

Traffic Police Taking to Pedal Power

by Mark Nolan
1 minutes read

Guardia Civil traffic cops have taken to two wheeled pedal power in certain parts of Spain, in order to monitor whether vehicles give the mandatory 1.5 metre distance when passing.

What might come as a nasty surprise to those who don´t give enough room is the fact that the Guardia Civil are disguised as normal cyclists, with other officers waiting to penalise those offending drivers with a 200 euro fine.

In addition to the undercover surveillance, the Pagasus helicopter mounted radar is also monitoring traffic for the same reason.

Depending on the results of the first phase of testing, the DGT may decide to make the cycle unit a permanent department within their armoury against bad drivers, a move applauded by professional cyclist associations around the country.

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