In the last five years, a hundred people have gone to work for the benefit of saving lives, but never to return home, having been killed whilst working on the roads.

The DGT has joined in a campaign launched by the association of companies who carry out road maintenance, warning drivers of the simple message that “you are not alone” on the road.

Every day hundreds of people go to work on the roads in order to carry out maintenance or improvement work, which is for the benefit of all road users, and we must all be aware that at any time there may be people working on the roads.

Many of the people working are simply not even noticed by drivers, despite them wearing high visibility clothing, and the result is that these people are at an extreme risk whilst performing their duties.

If ever road signs indicate work taking place, these warnings are not only for you as a driver, but are to help protect vulnerable people working in the roads. Speed limits are often reduced, lanes may be closed or narrowed, there may be diversions in place, whatever it might be, we all need to heed the warnings.

Road signs used during works are the same as normal signs, but with a yellow background. These signs are of a higher priority than normal road signs. In other words, whatever the yellow signs say takes precedence over their white-background partners.

You might not see the workers in the road, but please be prepared for them. Slow down, allow extra room to manoeuvre, and remember that you are not alone.

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