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Did you visit the Expo Torrevieja? We know thousands of people did, and we spoke to most of you. If you did, thanks for coming along and saying hello, it is always nice to meet you.

There´s a lot going on in this issue, with a number of new rules to look at that are not directly related to Spain, but may have an impact on life here, especially with the B-word meaning the UK has had to adapt some of its driving rules.

Throughout this edition you will see a number of images and posters for a campaign which is now in its fourth year, originating in the UK, all about the dangers of mobile phone use. I´ll not say anything more here, as we go into detail inside, but keep a sharp eye open and see if you can spot them all, keen observation is key to safe driving after all.

We have the latest seat belt use statistics and, as always, they are of grave concern, especially the number of children left unprotected in cars. However, we also report how the courts are not looking on this with leniency, so hopefully the message will start to sink in to those who risk life by not using these crucial safety devices.

Our cover mage this time features the new look for the Guardia Civil traffic vehicles. It´s more than just a look though. All will be explained!

There´s lots more to keep you occupied too, so I will let you get on and flick through the pages and, we hope, enjoy this latest publication.


So, for now, as always, stay safe.

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