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N332 eMagazine – Issue 25 – Spring 2023

by Mark Nolan
2 minutes read

Spring is well and truly in full swing now, and although, unusually, we have not yet had the usual rains in Spain, many drivers are still suffering with the effects of pollen, which, according to experts, is also quite mild at the moment, due to the unseasonably warm and dry weather, but they also say that it is going to get worse.

If you do suffer from seasonal allergies, take extra precautions and don’t drive if you feel that your ability might in any way be compromised. Similarly, if you take medication to combat the condition, make sure you check with your pharmacist or doctor, as some of these medications can affect your ability to drive, and they can also result in a fine for failing drugs tests.

We have already experienced the first busy period of the roads after Christmas, the Easter celebrations, and the next big influx of travellers will of course be summer. But between now and then we do still get a steady trickle of an increase, so be prepared that the roads will start to get busier.

We are talking about pedestrians this time, answering your questions, as well as advice on disabled parking permits, seat belts, the ITV, and medical advice from our friends at Quironsalud, Torrevieja.

We have lots of articles to keep you busy reading in this issue, and as always you can get up to date information from the website, n332.es, and follow our partners on their websites and Facebook, Ibex Insurance, Coys Rent a Car, and The Leader newspaper.

Until next time, stay safe.

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