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It´s that time again when we bring you all the latest news, updates and legal changes to traffic law in Spain, in the latest edition of N332 RoadWatch.

If you´re anything like us you may have been getting ready for the long, hot summer ahead. We know many people return to their native countries to avoid the high temperatures of summer, but then there are many more people who come to Spain on holiday, as well as those domestic tourists who visit the coast from the inland areas. In other words, things are already starting to get busy, and they are going to get even busier this year, it seems.

What that means for the roads is that there will be more traffic, and, sadly, more incidents. The Guardia Civil will be straightening their presence on the roads, as every year, but with extra funding given to the DGT we will see ore ways that investment will be used to tackle road safety enforcement, when education fails.

There have been some changes to the legislation for some scooters, with more changes still in discussion stages, but the new rules are explained herein.

We also answer some questions relating to the ITV test, hopefully dismissing, once and for all, some of the doubts and myths that surround the test, especially the one where many people think they can´t go to a different region for the test. You can, it´s written in the law.

By the way, thanks to everyone who came along to one of our talks and presentations during the spring. We now take a break from that until the autumn, partly due to the heat, and also how busy things are on the road, but we will be starting to put our next schedule together soon, so we will update you on that shortly.

So, for now, as always, stay safe.

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