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Welcome to the latest edition of N332 RoadWatch.

You can read this edition here for free, at the end of the introduction, or if you would like to purchase and download  a PDF version, you can click the button here…


We took a short break from publishing RoadWatch, which, as regular readers know, is not uncommon. We aim to publish 10 editions per year to allow us time to also publish two eBooks. In 2018 however, we published our largest eBook ever, at least the largest for us, with over 500 pages.

It was the full translation of one of the four main books used by drivers in Spain, the book closest to the Highway Code in the UK, the difference being this eBook is a direct translation of the law, and where the Highway Code is a book of recommendations that will be taken into consideration in the event of an incident, this eBook is the law itself, and so you can clearly see what you should and shouldn´t do, and the consequences faced by those who break the law.

The eBook also has explanations given by serving Guardia Civil traffic officers, and was edited by me, Mark Nolan, who also puts this publication together. The best part about it for many, is it is totally free to download.

You can download it by clicking here, if you haven´t already, but that is not all because we are also developing that into a dedicated website and mobile app, details which will follow soon.

One of the reasons we decided to publish in digital form is that laws change and, with a book that size, it would likely cost around 50 euro maybe, and when a law changes you would have to pay again. This way, any changes are updated online, and you can simply download a new version. Which is apt, as there are already changes since issue 1 was published. Some of those changes are explained in this eMagazine, as well as more we have to look forward to.

For now, as always, enjoy this edition and stay safe.


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