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Welcome to the SUMMER 2020 edition of the N332 emagazine

by Mark Nolan
6 minutes read

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You have probably already noticed that we have a brand-new look and a new layout, which we have been working hard on during the “lockdown” period. If you haven´t noticed yet you will see that we have taken the bold approach to publish the magazine in landscape format. This is because of the high number of people we know read the publication on tablets or computers, and so each page fits better on the screen. It also means that we can support our sponsors better by integrating their adverts more into the content without them being too intrusive.

As you already know no doubt, everyone who works on the N332 Road Safety Project donates their time for free, and it is thanks to our sponsors that we are able to produce the content that we know you appreciate.

With that in mind we would like to just say a few words about some of our sponsors. If we can say one thing with absolute confidence it is that nobody expected 2020 to play out quite how it has done. In Spain, the lockdown has had a tremendous result in tacking the spread of the virus, which is testament to every single person who followed the instructions given by the government, so we thank you for that, and although we have tried to avoid mentioning anything about the crisis in this edition, we do feel it important to try to offer a hand of help to those sponsors, businesses which have faced unprecedented times, and are only just starting to come out the other side.

One of our longest sponsors has been Ibex Insurance brokers. They have been with us almost since the beginning and have supported us on the project since the start. They have offices all around Spain and can offer competitive quotes for all your insurance need. Check them out at ibexinsure.com.

Another sponsor who has been with us from the start is Al Andalus Car Hire. With cars available at Almeria, Alicante and Murcia airports, this family-run firm have just launched a new service of competitive car hire available to those looking at longer term rental. You can find out more about them at cheapestcarhirespain.es.

If you are looking for car hire in the Torrevieja area, or indeed from Alicante-Elche Airport, Coys is a long established, family-run firm, which, like Al Andalus, offer a “no hidden extras” service for car hire, so the price you are quoted is the price you pay, offering a trusted service from their local base. Not only do they offer car hire, they also have an airport parking service, where they will store your vehicle in their secure compound whilst you fly back to the UK for example, delivering your car back to the airport for your return. You can find out more about both their service options at coysrent-a-car.com.

If you are in need of translation services, you could try Torrevieja Translators, a local professional firm with translators available for any reason, both in person or if you need documents translating. Check them out at torreviejatranslators.com.

You may be looking at exchanging your driving licence from a UK one to a Spanish licence. If you are, then Clinica La Siesta offer a medical service where they can certify your ability to drive, and handle all the documentation for you. You can find out more about their whole range of medical-based services at clinicalasiesta.com. They are also able to offer information about medical insurance and, being a medical clinic, carry out all the necessary procedures in house.

If you want a company to handle the documentation on your behalf then Driving Licences are a dedicated team who will handle the entire process from start to finish, taking the stress out of the administrative function. Find out more about them at drivinglicences.es.

If it´s hospital and medical services you are looking for in Spain, one of the most professional services is the Quirón Salud group. They have a private hospital in Torrevieja, and other facilities around the country, and offer both an exclusive medical care service in the event of a traffic collision, and a bespoke service designed for ex-pats living in Spain. Find out about their wide range of services at quironsalud.es/en.

For the latest  news from around Spain, pick up the Costa Blanca People each week, where you will not only get the latest updates you can also read the exclusive N332 section each week, where we publish articles to keep you updated about things on the road. You can also read the newspaper online, available each week at costablancapeople.com

Finally, we would like to mention Rental Car Deluxe, as they are the stars of our new-look cover. They are a car hire service offering high-end, luxury vehicles which you can drive away for the day, or longer. Check them out at rentcardeluxe.es.

Finally, we would just like to thank you again, partly for your commitment to battling the spread of the virus in recent months, and also for being there as part of our network, on Facebook, the website and in person. It is thanks to you that everyone on the team is motivated to carry on with the project, so we thank you sincerely, and hope that you continue to stay safe.

For now, we will leave you to read the content of this emagazine as we wish you the safest summer you can have. Take care out there.

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