Although a traffic incident can never be a pleasant event, the nerves and initial tension between those involved can be reduced if the event is discussed cordially, and the European Accident Report Form, “parte amistoso”, which we have spoken about recently, is a “friendly” report used as an instrument to specify the circumstances related to the incident.

The appropriate use of the report means that most traffic incidents can be resolved amicably, based on these documents being signed by the drivers involved, and without the need for the police to be involved, in most cases.

Firstly, among other advantages of using the “parte amistoso” are:

It reduces confrontations between drivers of vehicles involved in a traffic incident.

It collects on the site and quickly all the data related to the incident, in a way that allows or facilitates adjudication of the responsibility of the fact in a simple way.

It provides insurers with the same version of events from both parties.

It accelerates the determination of damages, with the agreement of those affected.

It streamlines the processing of compensation for damage caused in traffic incidents.

It seeks the prompt repair of damages by way of compensation between companies.

In the event of an incident, it is also important we know how to act:

When involved in a traffic incident, the first thing to do is verify the conditions of the occupants of the vehicles and verify that there are no injuries. It is also important to warn other road users of the incident, using warning triangles or flashing beacons, and try, as far as possible, to leave the road clear for the movement of other vehicles.

Once calm has been restored after the incident, drivers should try to discuss cordially about the circumstances of the event and agree on the process they prefer to follow according to them.

If it is appropriate to complete the accident form, you should try to fill it out in clear and legible handwriting, using block letters and capital letters. In addition, all the data required by the format must be included, as well as trying to be as specific and clear as possible with the information, limiting to faithfully describing the facts.

What should be included in the accident report?

When filling out the form, after writing the date of the incident, the most exact location of the incident must be recorded, indicating if the approximate kilometre on the road network, or if it is in the city, specify the address with the street name and number.

Include the complete data of the drivers, vehicles and insurance companies. This is why it is important, but not mandatory, to have your insurance information to hand. Subsequently, it must be indicated if there are victims, although if they exist, the declaration would lose validity, since the document is not applicable if there are injuries. It must also indicate if there is damage to the vehicles and declare them in detail.

In the form it is essential to include the contact information of any witnesses, including name, address and telephone number, in order to locate them if it is necessary to clarify doubts during the procedures.

In the section entitled Circumstances, located in the central column, a good part of the possibilities that can arise in a traffic incident are reflected. It contains 17 situations, which it is recommended to review carefully to ensure that the correct boxes are checked, since it will be the information that the companies use as a basis to determine the responsibility of the incident.

In case of doubts or if none of the boxes can describe the circumstance, it is recommended not to fill in the boxes, and explain in detail in Observations how the incident occurred.

Lastly, it is recommended to try to be as graphic and schematic as possible when preparing the sketch of the incident in the space provided for it, using arrows to indicate the direction of travel, junctions, signs, and any other information that might be relevant.

Once the form is completed, each party must sign the document, making sure that each of them keeps a copy to be able to do their paperwork with the respective insurance company.

Remember, the form is available in multiple languages, and can be obtained, for free, from your insurance company.

European Accident Report Form

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