Officers from the Guardia Civil in the Albacete town of Letur rescued a family from Torrevieja who had become stranded in their car in snow.

20150327 - Guardia Civil Patrol Rescue Snow

The couple, along with their two children aged 2 and 5, had become stranded in the municipality of Nerpio and had become disorientated in the winding forest paths of the area.

The 112 emergency centre coordinated the rescue and dispatched Guardia Civil patrols to search the area around the Sierra de las Cabras, in the midst of a heavy snow storm, with mixed in rain and thick fog.

After more than three hours of searching in the adverse conditions a patrol came across the car with the occupants still inside, in good health. The vehicle had become blocked by mud and snow on a stretch of forest track.

Once having confirmed that the occupants were well, the officers then proceeded to attempt to free the vehicle, which was an extremely difficult task given the condition and state of the blockage, but successful none the less.

The family were then accompanied to safety by the patrol to the Murcia town of Cañada de la Cruz, from where they were able to continue unaided, but with no doubt thanks and praise for their late night saviours.

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