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Secret Codes on the Driving Licence

by Mark Nolan
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Decoded: the secret code on the driving licence
Here you have the jumble of numbers: At first glance, the many figures on your driving licence are confusing. We will decode the secret key for you.

That is what is hidden behind the code numbers on the back, under the OBSERVATIONS section, numbered 12.
You have to wear:

01 You have to wear corrective lenses and/or eye protection if this has been expressly required by a doctor’s note:

01.01 Glasses
01.02 Contact lenses
01.03 Safety glasses

02 You require a hearing/communication aid
03 You need a prosthetic/orthotic limb

05 Driving restrictions for medical reasons
05.01 You may only drive in daylight
05.02 Restriction to within a radius of … km around your place of residence or within city limits/within the region …
05.03 You may only drive without passengers/pillion riders
05.04 Restricted to a maximum permitted speed of … km/h
05.05 Only with passengers holding a driving licence
05.06 Without trailers
05.07 Not valid on motorways
05.08 No alcohol

Please, look at the photo and check if you have the code 01, if you have it, you must wear glasses/ contact lenses while driving.


If you have been operated of sight and you do not need glasses any more, you will have to do an extra medical exam and send it to the Traffic Department, it will remove this code and issue a new driving licence.


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