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The events took place when a convoy of vehicles was accompanying a truck that was going to collect a bull that was to be fought at the Garcibuey (Salamanca) festivities.

One of those investigated drove with a child on their lap without using a seat belt

The investigation began as a result of the dissemination on social networks of several videos in which reckless driving was observed.

The Guardia Civil has investigated two individuals for reckless driving in the town of Garcibuey (Salamanca). Researchers from the GIAT Team (Traffic Research and Analysis Group) of the Traffic Subsector of the Guardia Civil of Salamanca, detected several videos on social networks in which reckless driving was observed when a convoy of vehicles drove along the road that goes from Béjar to Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca).

One of those investigated was driving with an infant sitting on their lap without any restraint system, dangerously limiting their mandatory freedom of movement, and with another minor between the front seats, all while the passenger was sitting on the window outside the vehicle without any security measure, with the danger to the integrity of people that this caused. The other investigated driver passed the convoy of vehicles on a curve of reduced visibility with an adult sitting on the window outside the vehicle.

The events took place on September 17 on the SA-220 road (Béjar – Ciudad Rodrigo), when a convoy of vehicles was on its way to accompany the truck on pilgrimage that was going for the bull that that same afternoon would be fought for of the festivities of the town of Garcibuey (Salamanca).

The Guardia Civil has also made several complaints to the drivers of other vehicles participating in the convoy for reckless driving and several occupants for not using the seat belt.

The Guardia Civil has instructed the corresponding proceedings, with the investigation of the two individuals, which have been sent to the Guard Court of Béjar, as well as the corresponding administrative complaints that have been sent to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of Salamanca.

The Guardia Civil recalls the importance of complying with traffic regulations, since behaviours such as those exposed here endanger the life and physical integrity of drivers and road users.

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