Home News 90% of Offences Committed by Motorcyclists are on Conventional Roads

90% of Offences Committed by Motorcyclists are on Conventional Roads

by Mark Nolan
1 minutes read

The General Directorate of Traffic, through the agents of the Traffic Group of the Guardia Civil, carried out a special surveillance and control campaign on roads especially frequented by motorcyclists that has resulted in 963 complaints filed, out of a total of 25,884 motorcycles controlled.

As usual, most of the controls were carried out on conventional roads since these continue to be the most dangerous for motorcyclist behaviour, concentrating on them more than 80% of fatal incidents in this type of vehicle.

Of the 20,102 controls that were carried out on this type of road, the most numerous offence continues to be speeding, with 290 complaints made, followed at a great distance by others such as the use of silencers (88 complaints made), lack of ITV in force (84 complaints made) and 28 for illegal overtaking.

In the case of motorways, the infractions committed by motorcyclists follow a similar pattern to those detected on conventional roads. 22 complaints for speeding, 15 for not having passed the Technical Inspection of Vehicles and 7 for illegal overtaking.

Of the total drivers controlled in this campaign, 32 were positive in the alcohol test and 3 in the drug test, the latter on conventional roads. It is also surprising that 8 motorcyclists were reported for not wearing a helmet while driving.

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