From the 1st of January, 2016, the “btp” classification on Spanish driving licences will be removed, in line with EU legislation.

The “btp” classification is already only valid in Spain and the removal of the classification is part of the Single European Driving Licence standardisation program.

The “btp” classification is a specific category for drivers of certain types of vehicles, such as those who drive priority or emergency service vehicles, taxis and school transport drivers, with a maximum permissible weight not exceeding 3,500 kg mass and the number of seats, including the driver, not exceeding nine.

Drivers of these vehicles will still be permitted to drive them as their standard licences will cover the validity, namely category “B”, so long as all other criteria is met. There is also no need to apply to change the licence as the category will automatically be removed at the next, normal renewal.

As the normal category “B” licence covers such activities in countries other than Spain, the removal is part of the standardisation and will be reflected in the driver regulations through the publication of the Official Gazette.


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