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Hit and Run Driver Found

by Mark Nolan
1 minutes read

Through a meticulous investigation, officers from the Guardia Civil in Huelva successfully identified the driver of a vehicle who collided with a motorcyclists, then fled the scene having extinguished the vehicle´s lights, presumably to avoid detection.

The motorcycle rider suffered injuries that required surgical intervention for severe fractures to a leg. Despite the obvious severity of the incident, the car involved fled the scene at high speed, turning off the vehicle´s lights so as not to be identified by the victim or witnesses.

The incident took place on February 4 on the N-442 road in the vicinity of a bridge over the rivers Tinto and Odiel. The car, which was heading towards Huelva, carried out a reckless overtaking manoeuvre, endangering other vehicles, and colliding with the motorbike, impacting against the rider´s leg.

Despite being able to maintain a vertical position on the motorbike, the rider suffered a fractured fibula to the left leg, an injury that required emergency treatment.

The driver of the car left the scene at high speed without stopping to assist, turning off the lighting of the vehicle entirely, apparently with the intention that the victim or third parties could not provide identifying signs through the number plate.

The Guardia Civil launched a search for the vehicle and driver to face charges of crimes against road safety, reckless driving and abandonment following an incident.

That search proved fruitful and they soon identified a vehicle which had sustained damage consistent with what witnesses had described and with damage sustained by the motorbike, and so arrested the driver for the crimes against road safety.


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