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New Equipment Could Mean More Fines

by Mark Nolan
1 minutes read

The Dirección General de Tráfico is investing 8.6 million euro in a system that will allow Guardia Civil officers a faster response when dealing with vehicle and driver enquiries, accidents and incidents, and fines.


Details of a procurement contract were published in Monday´s official state bulletin, in which the company Servimedia will provide the equipment in association with Telefónica Soluciones and Indra Sistemas, for a 48 month period.

This contract further develops a system introduced in 2004 which aimed to automate and streamline the processing of administrative and reporting of traffic related matters

Known as Pride, the Proceso de Informatización de Denuncias incorporates a centralised computer system, to which officers on the ground have access through their Personal Digial Assistants, PDA´s. The contract involves the provision of 6,000 PDA terminals and 4,000 printers, as well as supplementary equipment and support.

With the new and faster equipment it is hoped that officers will be able to process more information in a shorter time, and so the near two million disciplinary proceedings per year will also increase, allowing officers to process more than the average of 5,000 per day, or 200 every hour.

However, there is also a risk that the officers will not be able to process as many complaints if drivers and road users suddenly decide to adhere to the laws of the road.

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