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Distractions when driving are a major cause of traffic related incidents, from drowsiness to using your mobile, tuning your radio to talking to other vehicle occupants, many of those distractions can be dealt with easily, but others can be so far out of our control, they become an even bigger danger.

What do we do when an insect enters our car, especially if we start to panic that the insect, such as a wasp, might actually attack us?

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If an insect enters your vehicle, first and foremost, the advice is do NOT panic. Even though there is a fear, and a risk, insects like wasps do not normally attack unprovoked, and so remaining calm may reassure our insect passenger that we are not posing any kind of threat.

Outside of our vehicles, the most time wasps will sting is when they feel under attack, such as when we wave our arms around trying to deflect it. This action not only confuses the wasp, it too starts to feel threatened and panics, resulting in a defensive attack.

Whilst maintaining our calm persona, and telling all other vehicle occupants to do the same, we need to keep our eyes on the road and our driving, whilst politely asking our insect to leave. It will of course not be quite that simple. Firstly, we probably want to stop our car, so we need to identify a safe place to do so.

An insect in the car is not actually considered an emergency, so the hard shoulder of the motorway is not the place to stop, if you´re on a fast road such as this, wait for the nest service station, or insect is not going anywhere too soon.

On any other road, the normal rules for stopping will apply, find a location that is both safe and convenient and does not cause problems for other road users.

In case you´re wondering, simply opening the windows when the vehicle is moving will usually not work, as the force of the wind will simply blow your insect back inside. Of course, if your vehicle is travelling at a slow speed, this is a more realistic option but remember you are driving a car, not an insect trainer.

If you have stopped, remain calm still. Don´t suddenly panic and start waving your arms, open the windows and the insect might simply leave of its own accord. If not, the vehicle occupants can get out and maybe open the doors, if it is safe to do so.

Remember, the insect is not actually trying to cadge a lift to another location, it will have entered your vehicle unintentionally, but don´t worry too much that it might be lost in the wilderness, it will find a new home.

Once the insect has left, your journey can continue, but you might want to check for any others that may have entered before you set off.

Oh, and by the way, the picture below is of an abandoned car where wasps have made their nest. This will not happen to you on the short trip you are making. Remember, stay calm.

20150506 - Picking up Unwanted Passengers 2

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