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New Tablets Take to the Streets

by Mark Nolan
2 minutes read

Traffic officers across Spain have been attending training courses over the past few months, to learn how to use their new tablet computers.

The new tablets replace their PDA digital assistants, and allow them to carry out even more administrative tasks at the roadside than ever before.

We have previously spoken about the actual models being issued, specifically the ZTE E8Q, which will be the standard tablet in use by traffic officers, the ZTE E9Q, which will be used by traffic officers specifically involved in such activities as testing drivers and major incidents, and the bulky but heavily protected KAZAM T-700, used by officers in mountainous regions, now the officers are getting to grips with actually using them.

They come with their own protective case, which clips the device to their belt and doubles up as a sun visor for the screen when being used outdoors, and a stylus for writing and obtaining signatures, for example.


The software allows them to check the details of both the vehicles and drivers, as they are linked to a central computer, and allows them to take detailed records of incidents and collisions, with photographs, in order to start the investigation process far quicker than ever before.

In addition, in the event of an officer recording an incident, that information is sent directly to the DGT traffic computer, which updates the road traffic information network, in real time, of the incident, lane closures and delays likely. That information is visible on the DGT´s own website, via dgt.es, is relayed to their own app, and, as we explained previously, is shared through the Waze and Google traffic information network, thus advising as many drivers as possible of the incident.

The device is linked via Bluetooth to a thermal printer, and so able to issue fines on the spot, and has an accompanying credit card machine which can take payment immediately, should an on-the-spot fine be appropriate.

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